Environmental & Safety Management

As a leading company in the field of plastic gears, we must be also exemplary in leading the way of safety and sustainable developments for future generations. The company's stakes are on energy and waste management as well as on supporting our customers in the process of reducing greenhouse gases and preserving natural resources, while achieving our goal of zero accidents. We adhere indeed to the philosophy of our group ITW which consists in considering that any accident is avoidable. We have implemented an Integrated Management System to comply with our commitment for continuous improvement with regard to environment, health & safety.
Our areas of excellence in these fields are the following :
- The control and recycling of our waste (plastics, metals, wood, paper, cardboard, oils ...).
- The control of our consumption of industrial energies (electricity, water, gas, air).
- The risk prevention of accidents at work for all people working for the company
- The control of health and Safety at work of people working for our company
- The Follow-up of implemented provisions taken to guarantee the effectiveness of our Integrated Management System

Our Integrated Management System for Health, Safety & Environment is controlled through out a set of indicators which involved all the processes of the company. These indicators are reviewed on a monthly basis during our Permanent Progress Plan (PPP) review.


ISO 14001 Certification

OHSAS Certification