Quality management

ITW Group has committed to growth on the basis of:
- Excellence in the daily exercise of the ITW model at the company level
- The acceleration of organic growth
- Talent management and leadership development
In this framework, ITWSmpi naturally maintains a policy which match to its staff, its activities, its products and its services, in order to:
- Guarantee the long-term satisfaction of its customers in listening continuously their needs and expectations, in monitoring systematically its quality and logistics performance and in complying with legal and regulatory requirements.
- Differentiate the design and industrialization of new products and processes through a market-oriented mindset, a controlled innovation, an efficient technological watch and a robust project quality planning (APQP).
- Continually improve internal performance in building on tools to prevent and suppress risks, such as SWOTs, FMEAs, QRQCs, PDCA / FTAs, Layered Process Audits, statistical process control, etc…
- Respect its employees, to develop their skills through trainings, to ask for their involvement and to share decisions on a daily basis, to incite a close, fair and efficient local management.
- Apply the tools of the "ITW Toolbox", based on the "80/20" philosophy for all of our activities, to converge towards the excellence expected by our customers and our shareholders.

In order to ensure the continuous improvement of its Integrated Management System, ITWSMPI relies on its Permanent Progress Plan including the declination of the selected strategic orientations, the fixed QSE objectives (Cf. also the menu titled Environmental & Safety Management ), the related risks and opportunities and the monitoring of the development action plans.


IATF Certification

Project managment (APQP)

In order to plan the necessary resources and not to forget any important tasks during our developments - from the quotation process to the Start Of Production (SOP) - we rely on a Project Management approach which complies with the AIAG standards. This approach named Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is the basis of our projects monitoring. We use it also to report the progress status of each project to our group office as well as to our customers when they do no have a dedicated portal (srm / ePPAP / Puma….).