Full automatic processes

One of the most important requirement that applies in automotive industry consists in delivering zero-defect. This is quite understandable since a car is made of more than 10 000 parts. Let's imagine how low would be the probability to get a functional car should the probability to get compliant parts for each component be of even 99,99 %.To achieve such a demanding target of “zero-defect” our philosophy is not only to deliver zero defective part but to manufacture no defective part.

Our lines are either semi-automatic or full automatic so as to meet our customers technical requirements while warranting them the shortest Return Of Investment (ROI). In addition, they are designed in a modularity-oriented spirit to be flexible, cost effective and highly efficient in terms of maintainability and operability.

ITWSmpi has put in place from 1990s, a peculiar approach based on semi or full-automatic processes that are closed-loop controlled, with sensors that are themselves tested in automatic way (self-controlled) and located as close as possible to the physical parameters that have to be measured and controlled.

This approach applies to our whole operations :

- Molding operation itself 
- Overmolding of components such as plastic components, shafts, bearings, magnet…
- Side operations that may be necessary, such as assembling, crimping, stamping, laser marking (QR code, Datamatrix), inspection, camera monitoring, packaging, palletization, un-bulking, Tracking, self-inspection…


- Electric injection machines, more repeatable and accurate than hydraulic ones and built to be closed-loop controlled even by external sensors located in tools for example (RJG © sensor system).

- Robotization (poly-articulated 6-axis robots, 4-axis, 3-axis gantry robots, Delta robots)

To date, 100 % of our injection machines are fitted with full automatic processes.

Apart its close-loop controlled and self-controlled process approach, ITWSmpi pays also a great attention to :
- The energy consumption, using for example Air Saving Control (ASC) systems or « stop & start » inspired systems
- The health and safety working conditions of its employees in making impossible the unwanted interferences between machines and humans or in promoting for example, the processing of low VOC* emission Materials.
*VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds

ITWSmpi fosters creative & initiative spirit while building on 60 years background.
This could be our credo : to go beyond boundaries and get carried away to innovation for providing at the end, reliable technical solutions which fit perfectly to the needs of our customers and even help them to stand out from the competition.