Gathering of input data

The specific requirements of our customers come on top of the usual ones which consist in converting the input speed and torque into the output ones, in given space limits and under given environmental conditions. These specific requirements may also have an important impact on the choice of actuator architecture.

Example of specific customers requirements :

Numerous parameters may affect the noise of gear-drives. ITWSmpi has gathered a strong knowledge about the influencing factors on noise so that we can now help our customers at the earliest stages of their projects to define gear-trains as quiet as possible. We have developed specific database and tools to design low-noise actuators. 
Do not hesitate to contact us should noise in your actuators is a criteria that you have to address.


ITWSmpi knows very well self-locking gear-trains such as worm-wheel gear-drives under certain conditions. We have also developed and patented new gear-trains for more demanding applications in terms of efficiency or transmissible torque : 



- Spiroid © or double-Spiroid © gears that can be Self-locking gear-train with crossed-axes.



- Over-Center Effect Gears (OCE© gears) that are self-locking gear-train with parallel axes. 



Spiroid © gears may be, under certain conditions, a Self-locking gear-train with crossed axes. 



Sometimes our customers need to get a non constant output speed and torque. For example, in a motorized gearbox for automotive, it may be of interest for actuators that manage the gear movement and the gear engagement, to start with slow movement but high torque and, after having align the two gears which have to mesh together, to accelerate the movement of engagement while applying a lower torque not to damage gears.
ITWSmpi offers some elliptical gears which can address this peculiar requirement : 




ITWSmpi offers some sector gears with enveloping ends or gears with flexible rim to absorb the inertial energy on the kinematics and avoid break concerns at the end of stroke :