From customer needs to validation of optimized gears


Gathering of customer needs including specific requirements such as low noise, environmental conditions, transmissible torques, expected durability, space limitations, etc..


Identification of various possible gear-train architectures and selection of the most appropriate one. This is a creative phase ingear-drive engineering.


Preliminary calculations relating to the system (efficiency, max. torque, overall gearbox dimensions, speed,...)


Plastic materials selection & detailed calculations for gears definition and optimization according to the chosen materials.


Design validation through :
● Concept prototypes, called Proto A that are generally machined from slugs of plastic. These prototypes are not made of material 100 % representative but they can already be used to carry out first tests.
● Functional prototypes, called Proto B, that are very representative of series parts since they are molded with good materials and via representative injection systems. In addition, these prototype parts are almost as accurate as the series ones since they are manufactured from tools made of steel which are corrected in the same way as series tools.

Our process for gear train design