About us

ITWSmpi is a leading company on the market of high precision gears made of technical plastic materials. The company was founded in 1958 by M. Louis Monthulet who had a passion for mechanics and new technologies. Our history tells a lot about the company and it witnesses also that ITWSmpi was among the first company in the world to manufacture in mass production highly accurate plastic gears.

ITWSmpi at a glance:

The location of ITWSmpi isn't a matter of coincidence and it does reveal the philosophy of the company. Located in the Arve Valley, in heart of the French Alps close to the neighboring Switzerland, our company was built on a centuries-old watchmaking tradition and on passion for highly accurate mechanics. Therefore, It seems quite logical that the very first part manufactured in our workshop on 1959 was a gear: The most emblematic component of high precision parts.

Over the past 60 years, ITWSmpi has constantly gathered knowledge about gears, both in terms of product engineering than in terms of process and tooling design. The capitalization of know-how in plastic gears has been widely supported by our dual culture: In one hand, the plastic processing and in the other, our passion for mechanics. One of our great strength consists indeed in having got our own internal Tooling Department since the founding of our company.

The design of our molds as well as the peculiar attention we pay in their manufacturing are all the more important that our plastic processing activity is dedicated to large and even very large series (from 500.000 p/year up to 12.000.000 p/year). So our processes and especially our molds must allow us to keep and guarantee a constant quality level from the start of production to the following millions of parts.

We have pleasure in sharing our expertise in gear-drive engineering with our customers from the early stage of their projects. Doing so, we contribute to the success of our customers projects and to the differentiation of their products on the market. We are also proud in helping our customers to solve their possible technical "pains", providing them with innovative solutions. Innovation to our customers service, internally named as "customer-back innovation" is one of the strategic pillars of our group.

Our values