Our innovation approach aims to help our customers to solve their technical pains and to stand out from the competition on their markets.

Mass production

Our tools and processes allow us to keep and guarantee the highest quality level from start of production to the following millions of parts.

Quality & precision

The quality of our products and our passion for high precision mechanics are at the heart of our culture, from development stage to series.

A leading company on the market of high precision gears made of plastic materials

150 000
Number of gears manufactured per day in our workshop
2 000 000
Number of injections up to which we can guarantee our tools with a constant quality Level
Noise level which can be achieved with our gear train solutions


ITWSmpi likes to stand out from others in proposing designs which are for often imaginative, innovative and even sometimes technically breakthrough. Doing so, we help our customers to propose the best-in-class solution, the differentiated one, the one with the optimum overall dimensions, efficiency, transmissible torque, noise level and/or durability.

The design of a gear-train architecture strongly contributes to the success of actuator projects in terms of costs, performances as well as in matter of product differentiation. Therefore, we are always pleased to help our customers in choosing the most appropriate actuator architecture. From costs point of view, this approach is all the more effective that savings induced by design are much higher and sustainable than the ones which might consist in decreasing suppliers profits.

Prior addressing the question of gear design, we stress on the fact that the architecture itself of the gear actuator must be defined with greatest care. However, no Software can meet this requirement. Here, you can only rely on experience and creativity! Our 60 years background in this field and our passion for gears enable us to support our customers in this complex task, to help them to solve their pains and to innovate on their needs.

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